California’s Computing Talent Hub will be a place where students, faculty, and tech industry organizations can collaboratively engage on preparing the next generation of computer science professionals as they make their way through California’s community colleges, CSUs, and UCs and into the tech industry.

How the CTI HUB would be used


Students would engage with the hub to receive a clearly defined and well supported pipeline of services that prepare them to compete for opportunities in the tech industry. The types of engagements will include:

  • Access online workshops & training
  • Connect with mentors
  • Solve practice problems
  • Search for internships & jobs
  • Network with peers
  • Attend tech talks and presentations
  • Participate in practice interviews
  • Get course pathway guidance

College/University Faculty and Staff

College/University Faculty and Staff would engage with the hub to connect with a statewide network that provides access to resources, contacts and training. The types of engagement will include:

  • Access and share supplemental classroom materials and resources
  • Request speakers and project mentors from industry
  • Collaborate and participate in curriculum reviews and advisory boards
  • Collaborate on course pathway development
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Tech Industry Companies and Professionals

    Tech industry companies and professionals would engage to have a single point of contact through which they can identify, nurture, cultivate and recruit more, better prepared and inclusive computing talent from across the state of CA. The types of engagements will include:

    • Volunteer as mentors, presenters, project advisors, mock interviewers
    • Post internship and job opportunities
    • Serve as curriculum advisors and collaborators
    • Create and contribute training materials

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