CS Cohort Programs

A cohort student who embraces high expectations, cultivates curiosity, has a tenacious work ethic, and commits to the cohort learning community, upon graduation, will be well-prepared to compete with graduates from any top 10 computer science programs for opportunities in the industry or academia. There are 4 CS Cohort Programs associated with CTI, which include:

CS Cohort Programs Impact

We track and regularly evaluate key metrics to ensure we are making progress
toward our goal of increasing capacity, quality, and diversity in computer science.

First Cohort Launched

student participants


graduation rate in 4 years or less


complete internships with top organizations


have offers for full-time technology positions before graduation

Since 2016, one hundred sixty-seven students have graduated.

Of those:


graduates identify as underrepresented minorities


graduates are female


graduates are first generation college students

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